Data Warehouse ETL Development & Project Management

Company Expinfo, Inc.
Location Bangalore
Channel Database
Date Jul 01, 2008
Employment Permanent
Salary Salary: Negotiable 
Benefits: The most basic plan that all employees are offered includes Health and Dental Plans, and Vacation time where applicable. Other benefits can be added depending on project duration. 
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Desirable Experience
1.      Experience with Informatica 8x
2.      Experience working for a governmental agency.
3.      Experience with mental health data systems and/or using Medicaid data.
4.      Knowledge of HIPAA regulations.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Proven ETL experience in a data warehouse environment including familiarity with warehousing concepts, design and development of complex mappings, experience merging data from multiple sources, performing incremental updates and working on very large tables. Experience 8 years
  • Demonstrated experience using Informatica version 6 or higher for mapping and workflow design including the use of maplets, reusable transformations and worklets. Experience 4 years.
  • Demonstrated experience using PL/SQL with Informatica for Oracle databases as the sources and targets. Including strategies to attain acceptable performance with large tables and use of bulk loading routines. Experience 4 years.
  • Demonstrated project management experience on large ETL projects. Experience 4 years.
  • Experience developing, implementing and enforcing ETL best practices standards. Experience 4 years.
  • Knowledge and experience with the Unix operating system including scripting. Experience 4 years.
  • . Effective English language verbal and written communication skills.
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