How to Change Weapon in GTA VICE city


Introduction: Greetings from the exciting world of GTA Vice City! To survive as you move through the dangerous streets, you must become an expert weapon switcher. This thorough guide will show you how to quickly switch between weapons so that you're always prepared for battle.

1. Comprehending the Basics:

Before getting into the intricacies, let's go over the GTA Vice City weapon switching basics. a. Default Keys: The mouse scroll wheel is the standard key for switching between weapons. On consoles, you can change between weapons by pressing the D-pad. b. Weapon Wheel: By holding down the weapon switch button, you can access the weapon wheel and choose the weapon of your choosing. 

2. Mastering Quick Switching:

To stay ahead of your adversaries, mastering quick weapon switching is essential:

a. Scroll Wheel Technique:

  • Practice using the scroll wheel for rapid weapon changes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the order in which weapons cycle.

b. Combo Switching:

  • Combine the scroll wheel and the weapon wheel for a seamless transition between firearms and melee weapons.

3. Utilizing the Weapon Wheel:

The weapon wheel is a powerful tool for strategic combat. Here's how to make the most of it:

a. Holding vs. Tapping:

  • Hold the weapon switch button for the weapon wheel to appear, and release it to select the highlighted weapon.
  • Alternatively, tap the weapon switch button for a quick cycle through available weapons.

b. Customization:

  • Customize your weapon wheel in the game settings to prioritize your preferred weapons.

4. Ammunition Awareness:

Ensure you're always well-stocked with ammunition:

a. Ammunition Pickups:

  • Keep an eye out for ammunition pickups throughout the city to replenish your supplies.

b. Weapon Vendors:

  • Visit weapon vendors to purchase additional ammunition and upgrade your arsenal.

5. Special Weapons and Vehicles:

Discover special weapons and vehicles to enhance your combat capabilities:

a. Hidden Weapons:

  • Explore the city to find hidden weapons that provide unique advantages.

b. Vehicle Weapons:

  • Some vehicles come equipped with special weapons. Learn to use them effectively during missions.


With these tips, you'll be a weapon-switching maestro in GTA Vice City. Whether you're engaged in intense firefights or exploring the city, being adept at changing weapons swiftly is the key to success. Arm yourself, stay vigilant, and conquer the streets of Vice City!

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