GTA 5 Modders Prepare for GTA 6: The Ambitious Map Expansion Project



As the highly anticipated release of GTA 6 looms on the horizon, fans of the Grand Theft Auto series eagerly await the next installment. However, with the game not expected until 2025, some dedicated modders are taking matters into their own hands. A group of GTA 5 modders known as The Ambitioneers is working diligently to bring more of San Andreas to Los Santos through their ambitious map expansion project. In this article, we explore their plans, progress, and how their work can enhance the gaming experience for GTA enthusiasts.

The Ambitioneers: A Vision for the Future

The Ambitioneers are a group of passionate GTA 5 modders who are determined to extend the boundaries of the game. They have set their sights on bringing familiar locations from San Andreas to the bustling city of Los Santos. Despite the impending release of GTA 6 in 2025, The Ambitioneers remain confident that they can complete their Northern San Andreas map project in time. They aim to finish areas such as Roxwood/Whetstone and even a part of San Fierro County before the next installment hits the market.

In a statement shared on their Discord channel, one of The Ambitioneers expressed their commitment to delivering the best GTA V map expansion project until the release of GTA 6. While the possibility of porting their work to the new game is still uncertain, they assure fans that they will continue to provide an enjoyable experience in Los Santos. The extended development timeline of GTA 6 allows The Ambitioneers ample room to complete their project and ensure players have something exciting to explore while they wait.

The Northern San Andreas Map Expansion Project

The Northern San Andreas map project is just one of the endeavors undertaken by The Ambitioneers. Their dedication to enhancing the GTA V experience can be seen through their completion of the Mile High Club, a location that had been left unfinished for eight years. This mod goes beyond visual enhancements, offering new locations, story missions, and vehicles, effectively transforming it into DLC that can be enjoyed solo or as part of the FiveM roleplay community.

The map expansion project, which aims to bring the entirety of Las Venturas from San Andreas into GTA V, is described as the most ambitious mod ever made for the game. At present, the project covers a 3km² area, but the modders have grand plans to expand it to a staggering 70km². The team acknowledges that creating such a vast region requires time and effort, but they are not constrained by the same limitations as a game studio. This freedom allows them to undertake ambitious ideas that would not have been possible otherwise.

Accessing the Mod and Future Plans

Currently, players can access the Las Venturas Project mod by contributing to The Ambitioneers' Patreon page. By supporting the project, players gain early access to the mod and can experience the new content firsthand. However, the modders have also revealed their intention to release the entire project for free once it is complete. This decision reflects their commitment to the GTA community and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to explore the expanded map.

The Ambitioneers' dedication to their craft extends beyond the Northern San Andreas map project. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in GTA V, consistently adding new improvements and content to keep players engaged. Their work serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of the game and the creativity of the modding community.

The Future of GTA 6 Modding

While The Ambitioneers' map expansion project for GTA V is impressive, the question remains: will their work transition to GTA 6? With the release of the first GTA 6 trailer, it has been confirmed that the game will be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2025. PC availability remains unconfirmed, but it is likely that a PC version will follow suit. As fans eagerly await more details about GTA 6, the modding community speculates on the future of modding for the game.

GTA 6 brings new possibilities and challenges for modders. The fate of GTA 6 mods is uncertain, as Rockstar Games has not yet revealed their stance on modding for the upcoming release. However, the modding community remains hopeful that they will be able to continue their creative endeavors in the new game. Modders like The Ambitioneers have proven their ability to enhance the GTA experience, and their work has garnered significant attention and appreciation from the community.


As fans eagerly anticipate the release of GTA 6, the modding community continues to thrive in GTA V. The Ambitioneers, a dedicated group of modders, are working tirelessly to expand the map of San Andreas within Los Santos. Their ambitious project aims to bring new locations, missions, and vehicles to the game, offering players a fresh experience while they await the arrival of GTA 6.

The Northern San Andreas map project, along with their other endeavors, showcases the creativity and talent within the modding community. The dedication of The Ambitioneers to deliver the best possible modding experience for players is evident in their commitment to completing their projects before the release of GTA 6. Whether their work ultimately transitions to the new game remains to be seen, but their contributions to the GTA V community are undeniable.

As the modding community eagerly explores these new additions to the game, the future of GTA 6 modding remains an exciting prospect. The possibilities for enhancing the game through mods are vast, and players can look forward to a wealth of creative content once the next installment is released. Until then, The Ambitioneers and other modders will continue to push the boundaries of GTA V, ensuring that players have a rich and immersive experience in the world of Los Santos.

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