how to get free game review on


Follow these easy steps to obtain a complimentary game evaluation on

To play chess on, visit their official website or use the mobile app. If you don't have an account yet, click "Sign Up" to create a free one. Once logged in, go to the "Play" tab at the top of the page and select either "Online Chess" or "Live Chess." Decide your preferred time control for gameplay before clicking on either “Create Game” or ”Play Now”. Play with another player using our built-in interface then locate and open up the game menu underneath/chessboard after finishing it. Clicking analyze will show possible mistakes made throughout your game through computer analysis providing instant feedback while identifying areas which can be improved upon next time around strategically speaking refreshing insights about how you are playing differently than others within this platform; review them thoroughly taking notes as necessary so that they may continue learning new skills by mastering various openings & tactics later used during matches against other opponents!

If you adhere to these instructions, will provide a complimentary assessment of your gaming skills. This evaluation can aid in the enhancement of your chess proficiency and bolstering your gameplay tactics. Bask in learning from this examination while maintaining dedication to amplifying your abilities through persistent training and study.

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