Unveiling the Power of Honor 90's 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming


Unveiling the Power of Honor 90's 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming

Introduction: As the highly anticipated Honor 90 launch draws near, tech enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement about its cutting-edge features. Among these features, one has captured the attention of many: the 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming technology. But what exactly does this technology entail, and how does it enhance the user experience? Let’s dive deeper into the world of PWM dimming and explore its benefits.


What is 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming?

  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming is a technique used to control the brightness of displays by flickering the backlight.
  • The Honor 90 proudly boasts a 3840Hz PWM frequency, which means the backlight flickers at an incredibly high rate—so high that it becomes imperceptible to the human eye.

Benefits of 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming:

  1. Eye Comfort:
    • The high PWM frequency ensures a flicker-free viewing experience, reducing eye strain and fatigue, especially during extended use.
  2. Smooth Motion:
    • The rapid refresh rate enhances motion clarity, making fast-paced content like games and videos appear smoother and more lifelike.
  3. Zero Risk of Flicker:
    • Unlike lower PWM frequencies that may cause discomfort or health issues, the 3840Hz PWM dimming on the Honor 90 eliminates any risk of flicker-related problems.

Applications of 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming:

  • Gaming:
    • Gamers will appreciate the smooth, flicker-free visuals, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Video Streaming:
    • Enjoy movies and videos with improved clarity and reduced eye strain.
  • Reading Mode:
    • Perfect for e-books and articles, the high PWM frequency ensures comfortable reading for extended periods.

Conclusion: The 3840Hz Zero-Risk PWM Dimming technology on the Honor 90 is poised to redefine display quality standards and enhance user comfort. With its ability to deliver flicker-free visuals, this innovative feature is set to impress even the most discerning tech enthusiasts.

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