which one is the right rear camera setup for nokia g42 5g?

which one is the right rear camera setup for nokia g42 5g?


The Nokia G42 5G is a smartphone known for its impressive camera capabilities. One of the key features of any smartphone is its rear camera setup, as it determines the quality of photos and videos you can capture. In this article, we'll explore the right rear camera setup for the Nokia G42 5G, helping you make an informed decision when purchasing this device.

Primary Camera:

The Nokia G42 5G features a powerful primary camera that serves as the main lens for capturing photos and videos. With a high megapixel count and advanced imaging technology, the primary camera ensures that your images are sharp and detailed.

Ultra-Wide Camera:

In addition to the primary camera, the Nokia G42 5G also comes equipped with an ultra-wide camera. This secondary lens allows you to capture wider scenes, making it ideal for landscape photography or group shots where you need to fit more subjects into the frame.

Depth Sensor:

To enhance the bokeh effect in portrait photos, the Nokia G42 5G includes a depth sensor. This sensor helps the camera accurately blur the background, creating a professional-looking portrait with a shallow depth of field.

Macro Camera:

For close-up shots of small objects or details, the Nokia G42 5G features a macro camera. This specialized lens lets you get up close to your subject, capturing intricate details that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Image Stabilization:

To ensure that your photos and videos are free from blur caused by camera shake, the Nokia G42 5G includes image stabilization technology. This feature is especially useful in low-light conditions or when shooting video while moving.


The Nokia G42 5G offers a versatile rear camera setup that includes a primary camera, ultra-wide camera, depth sensor, and macro camera. With these features, you can capture a wide range of photos and videos with stunning detail and clarity. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or just looking to capture everyday moments, the Nokia G42 5G's rear camera setup is sure to impress

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