How Much GB Is Genshin Impact? A Comprehensive Storage Guide


How Much GB Is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact, the enchanting open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo, has taken the gaming world by storm. With its vast landscapes, captivating storyline, and diverse characters, players find themselves immersed in the magical realm of Teyvat. However, before embarking on your adventure, it’s essential to understand how much storage space this game requires on different platforms. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the storage requirements for Genshin Impact on PC, mobile, and PlayStation, along with tips to optimize file size.

Storage Requirements for Genshin Impact

As of the latest version (4.5) released in March 2024, here’s how much storage space Genshin Impact occupies on various platforms:

  1. PC: A whopping 100 GB1! Yes, you read that correctly. The game demands significant disk space on your computer. Make sure you have ample room before downloading.

  2. Mobile: For mobile devices, Genshin Impact takes up approximately 46 GB12. While this might seem hefty for a mobile game, considering the game’s expansive world and stunning visuals, it’s a marvel that miHoYo managed to keep it within this range.

  3. PlayStation: On PlayStation consoles, Genshin Impact requires around 70.65 GB1. This size aligns with the trend of modern games pushing storage limits, even on consoles.

Optimizing File Size

If you’re concerned about storage limitations, consider these strategies to reduce Genshin Impact’s file size:

  1. Manage Voice Packs: By default, Genshin Impact doesn’t download optional voice packs for languages you don’t use. However, if you’ve installed additional voice packs, you can uninstall those you don’t need. Follow these steps:

    • Open the Paimon Menu.
    • Go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Language.’
    • Under ‘Manage Voice-Over Language,’ uninstall unnecessary audio packs.
  2. Regularly Clear Cache: Genshin Impact accumulates cache files over time. Periodically clear your cache to free up space. You can do this within the game settings.


Genshin Impact’s storage requirements vary significantly across platforms. Whether you’re exploring Mondstadt or battling in Liyue Harbor, ensure your device has sufficient storage to accommodate this magical adventure. Remember, the breathtaking vistas and thrilling quests await you, so make room for Teyvat in your digital world!


  1. Why does Genshin Impact require so much storage?

    • Genshin Impact’s vast world, high-quality graphics, and frequent updates contribute to its substantial storage needs. As the game evolves, new content and assets increase the file size.
  2. Can I play Genshin Impact without voice packs?

    • Yes! If you don’t need voice packs for languages other than your preferred one, uninstall them to save space.
  3. What if my device doesn’t have enough storage?

    • Consider deleting unused apps or files to create space. Alternatively, invest in external storage solutions like microSD cards or external hard drives.
  4. Will future updates increase the file size?

    • It’s likely. As miHoYo continues to enhance Genshin Impact, expect occasional expansions that may require additional storage.

Remember, in the world of Teyvat, adventure knows no bounds. So, equip your device, gather your party, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Genshin Impact! 🌟🗺️

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